10 Best Tips for Catching Trout on Spinners

This website is dedicated to enhancing your fishing experience by giving advice on gear and tactics to catch trout with spinning tackle.  But sometimes it's nice to boil things down to the basics.  So hear are the 10 things that you should know to have the best trout fishing experience.

3 Birds that Help You Find Trout

For centuries, fishermen have used seagulls and other seabirds to help them find where fish were feeding.  The concept is simple: find where the birds are feeding, and the fish will be feeding on the same thing. Many inland streams aren't frequented by cormorants, albatrosses or seagulls, but there are still birds that can provide clues to where trout may be hiding or feeding.

Ditch Your Felt-Soled Wading Boots

It was about six years ago that I bought my first pair of stocking-foot waders.  When picking out the boots the salesman strongly recommended buying boots with felt soles.  The superior traction provided by the felt soles in the water would be well worth the three or four extra dollars in the price.  I didn't know any better at the time, so I sprung for felt-soled wading boots.

Since that time, it's been revealed that felt-soled boots can cause incredible ecosystem damage.  It's actually not the boots themselves that are the problem but their propensity for picking up hitchhikers like the spores and larva of non-native plants and animals.  In 2011 Maryland, Vermont and Alaska all banned felt-soled wading boots for this reason.  In 2012, they were joined by Montana, Rhode Island, Missouri, New Jersey and parts of Ohio, which has a "river by river rule" and the ban has been considered by several other states.

Opening Day of Trout Season is Fast Approaching

It's mid-March which means that in the next 2-6 weeks, trout season will be opening in many states.  Pennsylvania opens April 14, except for certain southeastern counties where it opens March 31.  In Wisconsin it's already open for catch-and-release, and opens May 5 for those of us who like to eat our catch.  April 28 is opening day in California.

Regardless of when you're season opens, it's coming soon and you'll need to make sure that your waders, rod and reel and lures are ready so you don't lose any time at the water.