Opening Day of Trout Season is Fast Approaching

It's mid-March which means that in the next 2-6 weeks, trout season will be opening in many states.  Pennsylvania opens April 14, except for certain southeastern counties where it opens March 31.  In Wisconsin it's already open for catch-and-release, and opens May 5 for those of us who like to eat our catch.  April 28 is opening day in California.

Regardless of when you're season opens, it's coming soon and you'll need to make sure that your waders, rod and reel and lures are ready so you don't lose any time at the water.
Rods and Reels
Start by checking your rods' eyelets - are they still straight?  Is there anything in them like a sharp edge that might cause abrasions on your line, thus weakening it?

RedHead Bone-Dry Rubber Boot-Foot Chest Waders - Men 9 - WadersDo you have enough line on your reel?  Is that line tangled at all? Does the bail (which allows you to release line) function properly?  Remember to have at least two rods with you when you head to the water - especially if you fish with ultra light gear, which can run out of line quickly.

Waders or Hip Boots
You'll want to check your waders or hip boots for leaks.  If you have stocking waders, you probably have nothing to worry about, but if use hip boots or booted waders, the seams - especially near the soles of the boots may have dried out and cracked.  Inspect these closely, because even a very small crack can make for a very cold day on (or in) the water.

Worden's Sonic Rooster Tail Lures - Chartreuse Mylar - Cold Water LuresCheck your spinners for rust and make sure that the blades actually still spin around the shaft.  Dirt or rust can dramatically affect the action of a lure and may make it less appealing to a fish.

Landing Net
Look for breaks or tears in your landing net.  Nothing is more disappointing than landing a trout, only to have it escape from your net while you reach for your stringer.

Have you bought your fishing license yet?  What are you waiting for?  Be sure to get any special stamps that are required in some states to fish for trout.


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